FAQs of Consulting

“Why should we consider hiring a Management Consultant?”

All too often teachers cannot “see the forest for the trees.” They are often too close to their problems to see clear and apparent solutions. A Management Consultant stands back and uses outside objectivity to see both strengths and weaknesses missed by those “in the thick” of it.

“What services can a Management Consultant offer?”

In the business world, a Management Consultant will provide a full range of services from data collection and statistical analysis to strategic planning, daily management issues and client motivation. (See our “Services” page.) Here is why we are different from anyone else in educational management today: We bring business world solutions to education and tailor them to the teaching profession in a way that is just short of revolutionary. The strategies used by The Business of School Management Consultation will be the future for both teacher and student productivity using objective data definition and acquisition reinforcd with subsequent statistical analysis.

“Will our teachers be receptive to bringing in a Management Consultant?”

That depends upon two things: how much your school needs change, and how much your teachers want change. It is that simple.

“What qualifications should one look for in an Educational Management Consultant?”

First, he or she should be an expert in the field for which they are consulting. Second, they must have successful specialized knowledge in the field for whom they will be consulting. As a young doctor, I was well-equipped to treat disease, but ill-equipped to run a successful practice – just as most teachers today are licensed to teach, but unsure about how to run a productive classroom. It was only by gaining expertise working side by side with top Practice Management Consultants that I learned how professionals adapt to change and thrive utilizing sound, time-tested business practices as the foundation for growth and planning. I went from having nothing to accumulating professional expertise and great financial success. This is my goal for all teachers.

“What is the difference between a coach or a mentor and a Management Consultant?

I appreciate and respect the support that coaches and mentors provide our new and tenured teachers, unfortunately, teachers need more. Coaches and mentors use ideas and techniques from within the teaching profession. Today’s teachers need answers from outside teaching. We cannot afford to continue making minimal gains. We need working plans that will help all teachers become the educators they dreamed of when they first began teaching.

“What questions should I ask before I hire a consultant?

What is your background?” Nearly 16 years a highly successful doctor; now 14 years a highly qualified veteran master teacher with a 100% track record of satisfactory evaluations, and consistently well above average standardized tests scores for my students.

What are your fees? The Business of School Teacher Management Consultation consists of two parts. Part One is the introduction to the program. Part Two consists of follow-up seminars and One-on-One Management Consulting with teachers. Program details and fees are found on the Services page.

What are your goals for our teachers? My goal is to have every teacher I work with learn and understand the mechanisms they need to adopt, to make part of their daily routines, so they can become the highly successful educators they aspire to be. Only then, can they fully deliver on their own goals of teaching every student in their classes.

Have you worked with similar issues before? I have personally worked with hundreds of teachers and doctors, and have consulted one-to-one and in groups; but now The Business of School Practice Management is ready to hit the ground running for any teacher in any school.

“In what states are services provided? Every state and every country. Let’s go!