The Business of School Management Consulting provides detailed training in “easy to use” statistical analysis for data collection and organization, goal setting, prioritization and time management. In addition, One-on-One Consulting, training exercises, detailed scripting, and our own exclusive data intake and analysis materials will help to get any teacher on track. I will have your teachers fully prepared to take on the challenges of any school and classroom from the start of school this September. This program is the ground floor of what all teaching will look like in the future.

“The Business of School” Program:

The Introductory Seminar (Seminar I) includes intensive instruction and individual consulting with the faculty. These are full day on-site visits.

What to expect:

  • Start-up Meeting: Administration and faculty are encouraged to suggest any teacher management issues they would like to have addressed during the instructional component of the seminar.
  • Dr. Cubbin requires access to your teachers (and students if in session) to get a complete picture of school dynamics, prior to teacher group instruction. It is important that he meets and speaks informally with as many teachers and students as possible.
  • Teacher One-on-One Consultations: Each teacher scheduled to receive individual consulting fills out an Intake Questionnaire to be sent back to us at least 2 weeks prior to our on-site visit. Prior to the seminar, teachers are also e-mailed a “data collection” Excel file to provide the information necessary for private individual consultations on the day of seminar. During each consultation teachers will receive a detailed report of findings and a plan of action they can use immediately.
  • Faculty Seminar and program instruction: Best to set aside at least 2-3 hours as there is plenty of material to cover. Choose from our list of topics, or a program will be based on your school’s needs.
  • Paperwork: I will provide all the forms and materials necessary for your teachers to hit the ground running.
  • Fee: $6,500 – Full School Day bell to bell programtravel expenses included
  • The Follow-up Seminar (II): includes approximately 2 hours of all new instruction not covered in Seminar I; the remainder of day is One-on-One high engagement Consultations – travel expenses included. These seminars (see topics) are done only after the initial full day program has been delivered (Fee: $5,000)

“One-on-One” Teacher Practice Management Consulting Program

  • One-on-One private on-site consultation with an unlimited number teachers participating. Comprehensive teacher data is evaluated using statistical analysis to provide practice building, as well as practice development ideas for increasing student achievement through goal setting.
  • It is during these meetings where most of the work that we do will take place. Professionals in all fields look forward to Practice Management Consulting since it allows individuals  to really open up and look objectively at their procedures and outcomes. This is where action steps are formed and goals are defined.
  • Consulting sessions are six (6) per year/one per month and may be done individually or in group sessions.
  • Fee: $2,500 (Each Full School Day bell to bell program – travel expenses included)

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