Student Motivation

Inspiring and Motivating Students and TeachersIn addition to teacher motivation, Dr. Cubbin enjoys spectacular success when it comes to motivating and inspiring students of all ages as well. This comes from his honest approach when speaking with young people of all ages. He never underestimates what a young person is capable of understanding, and he can find a solution for any problem that presents itself to any student.

Let him know what issues your students are dealing with, and he will fashion his lecture to help address those particular issues and predicaments. There is no subject he considers “untouchable” and he gets hits where others get misses. He maintains an objective viewpoint and he sweeps nothing under the carpet. One can easily see he enjoys speaking with students who need just a little motivation, as well as those who need a whole lot of it. (Truth be said, his greatest achievements have been with those who need to hear his message the most – particularly our English Language Learners.) When students are spoken with in a candid and non-patronizing fashion, they are far more receptive to being nudged in the right direction.

Our young people need to hear a positive message about how anything is possible, and that they should never let anyone tell them otherwise. So many of us came from nothing and learned that hard work, determination, and perseverance are the only paths for young people to take if they are to stand up and achieve great success. Dr. Cubbin will show them how to do it.

“I am a true success story – from dishwasher, to doctor, to teacher. My story touches on nerves that every student can feel. My honest and caring approach will get through to even the most difficult of students. I walk away from no one in need of help, and our kids need help.”
~ Dr. Cubbin