For Teachers

Teachers, do any of these statements sound like you?

  • You put in long hours – at school and at home – creating, differentiating, scaffolding and tweaking lessons, but do not see student accomplishment and achievement increase accordingly.
  • Your focus on teaching has changed from what it was when you first began as a teacher. Has the flame to make a difference cooled? Perhaps the embers have even gone cold?
  • You are more focused on having the lesson contain all the necessary elements, rather than implementing effective classroom management so that the students will actually understand the material you are presenting.
  • In spite of monthly – and often weekly – professional development, you feel as if the ideas being presented to you and your peers are not relevant to your students, your subject or even teaching at all. In fact, you feel that “professional development” is really a complete waste of time and that this stuff is just not helping.
  • Ideas that worked once or twice – even minimally – no longer produce results. Many new ideas employ a certain entertainment component, but you are seeing that “wow” factor has a limited shelf life.
  • You have ideas you have “tested” in your room and would like to give them to others to try, but resistance abounds!
  • You know there must be another – a better – way and you are right, because there is a better way!
  • You want to be shown proven methods that can work in any room with any class on any day. Every day you wish someone would knock on your door with a unique, no- nonsense idea that will work every day of the week. (Answer the door. Here I am!)
  • This might be the last year you call yourself a teacher, because you just can’t do it anymore. You feel beaten down and defeated.

Let me help you re-ignite the flame of passion you once had for teaching. I can show you the way! Let me evaluate your teaching practices and determine where your weaknesses are and how you can turn around your chosen career to let you start teaching!