What is Practice Management?

A Practice Management Consultant provides solutions, using statistical analysis of existing organizational problems to increase teacher performance while developing plans for increasing student improvement. We objectively diagnose problems to set goals, prioritize work and manage time. To put it simply, I help teachers achieve their objectives using business tools to create statistical reports, forms and scripting that will help to guide their professional decisions. A Practice Management Consultant is not a coach or a mentor to teachers.

So often, I hear comments like this:

  • “Practice Management? We teach children. We are not a business!” Teachers are professionals who just happen to work in a classroom, instead of an office with a secretary, but we still need what other professionals use to become successful – highly effective “Practice” Management Consulting.
  • “We learned all about classroom management in our education classes.”Even the most seasoned veteran teacher does not believe this to be true. Classroom management is not just about well-behaved students. Expertise does not begin where a four year degree ends. I will help your teachers get beyond this thinking.
  • “I have my own way of doing things.”This statement dooms more teachers (particularly new teachers) than any of the previous statements. I will help to get them past this thinking as well.

The Business of School Practice Management Consulting has the solutions teachers need to be successful! I combined successful business practices with the needs of administrators and teachers to create a completely new and truly exciting way to achieve academic success in any school!

“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” ~Benjamin Disraeli